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HW-DT8 Antenna UHF/VHF

Code HW-DT8 digital UHF/VHF- included in product box is HW019 Thru-van-wall DIY digital system.

Price is for antenna head only, most universal BRACKET & Mast for DT8 is "MULTI-FIT" see "Antenna bracket" section below.

This is probably the best Caravan tv antennas on the market -  Click on MORE and see attached file "how good is this product" for explanation on why we think this.

Go back to home page & CLICK on photo of antenna & read more about the features & benefits & scroll down to see an an AMAZING UTube video demonstration of antenna working with very low grade signal

RRP $199.00

DX Active 1 TV Antenna

Product discontinued

The DX2700 Active 1 antenna has been replaced by the HW-DT8 Antenna, however may still be in stock with our dealers. Please check your local dealer list.

Original T-Bar TV Antenna only (price includes bracket & mast)

See "Antenna Brackets" in index on left hand side of products page below for full details of the bracket design on each product code listed below; Each bracket shape determines product code. All product codes include the "T" caravan tv antenna head. Caravan antenna head only (no bracket) is the HW020 code.

Associated caravan accessories such as Amplifier/booster and signal finders are optional extras


Code HW020 - T-Bar Antenna Head only RRP $78.00
Code HW001 is obsolete for the same reason as HW002 below  
Code HW002 - is obsolete replaced by MULTI FIT as does all van types  
Code HW002GM - 1.0m Gutter Mount (Inc HW020) RRP $120.00
Code HW003 - obsolete  
Code HW-M/F - Antenna multi fit type 1.5m (Inc HW020) RRP $125.00
Code HW023 - A-Van Antenna (Inc HW020) RRP $142.00

Antenna Brackets

See listing at left of page & click on MULTI FIT bracket to see how it fits on RV (no permanant mode is for Pop Top Caravans & no screwing to van is needed.  
Code HWM/F-Ext - Extension Mast 0.7m RRP $7.40
Code HW-M/FB - Multi-Fit Bracket part A B & C with 1.4 m Mast RRP $53.50
Code HWMF-A - Multi Fit Part A no mast RRP $20.00
Code HWMF-B - Multi Fit Part B no mast RRP $20.00
Code HW026 - Aluminium telescoping pole and
A frame bracket Including swing Head
RRP $110.00

Van Satellite

Happy Wanderer is the exclusive supplier for VANSAT in Adelaide, South Australia.

Also supply our own dish set up.

The "MORE" click on section below only applies to VANSAT product therefore for information & price on our own system please email us for prices & information or Phone BOB 0412 125 983 & he will ring back to save phone call cost.

happy wanderer ad

"Easy-Tune" Signal Finder and Amplifier/Booster Combined

A true first, the EASY-TUNE is the only amplifier, that we know off, on the market with a built in signal finder. this compliments all our Caravan TV antenna range plus all makes of non boosted antenna brands as well as boosted roof wind up Antennas.


The TV EASY TUNE signal finder & booster combined is ideal for additional boost to all ROOF WIND UP antenna & has been tested & installed over early 2017 & proves a cheaper alternative to manufacturers additional booster & has double the boosting capacity & can be slopped from 1 to 19 dUb extra gain.Note. It is an extra boost & the roof mounted antenna must be active with light on & battery power must be 12 volt & above so do not run on low charged battery.

The use of TV EASY TUNE products with roof wind up antenna is only new & full instruction on how to simply fit inside your caravan near the inside power unit has being developed & is below in video form or see under "downloads" to left of this for PDS hard copy instruction to compliment video. Also feel free to discuss how to fit and this application by phone call to Bob 0412 125 983, free call back. 

We started selling at ADELAIDE CARAVAN SHOW  Febuary 2017 & feed back at July caravan show from people who have indstalled & gone on the wallaby to test was great with very possative confirmation of capturing many more stations = very happy wanderers!!

It is a very easy retro fit & you can ring us 0412 125 983 for photo to be sent for single TV  use.

RRP $87.00

Masthead Amplifier / Booster

This amplifier/booster is higher gain than the TV Easy Tune product so is better suited if you already have a TV signal finder. Suites any non boosted caravan tv antennas and has been a successfull part of our caravan accessories range for over 20 years.


Code HW024G - Masthead type 240v/12v combined
UHF/VHF Booster and Power Pack

RRP $94.00
Code HW-PIK170 - Power pack for 12 volt only RRP $45.00

Worldwide Signal Finders

Code TV Signal Finder - TV Signal Finder RRP $66.00
Code TV & Sat Finder - Signal Finder Satellite & TV

RRP $94.00

Thru Van Wall TV Cable Connector

 This product is one of our most successful selling caravan accessory products for over 20 years as it is very easy to install yourself needing only a 10 mm drill bit & screw driver.  Push in plugs on Caravans do not meet the Australian TV standard for digital cable termination & should be replaced for best reception

Code hW019 - Thru-van-wall


RRP $29.30



Caravan Standard Vent Hatch Cover

Protect against UV Light, Dust & Dirt - Three Sizes RRP $24.95

Wheel Alert Tyre Pressure Monitor

Code HWWA01 - Single Axle RRP $249.00
Code HWWA02 - Dual Axle RRP $395.00

Stabil-Mate Hydraulic Caravan Stabiliser

Code HW008 - Stabiliser RRP $918.00

Trail A Mate

Code HW011 - Trail-A-Mate Jockey Wheel Support/Jack RRP $399.00

OBST Design Fuel Saver

OBST Design Fuel Saver RRP $250-500.00