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Happy Wanderer Caravan Accessories Pty Ltd was established in 1992 by Bob Ayles and his son Bradley after realising there was a market opportunity to design and develop TV antenna products, specifically to suit mobile vehicles such as caravans, motor homes and houseboats.

The original "T-Bar" antenna was designed by one of our directors, Clive Wuttke. Proof of the T antennas excellence is that we have not changed the antenna head in  nearly 21 years and we have sold in excess of 120 000 units in that time. What we have done in the past few months is make the head smaller & more compact to suit the current digital bands as well as changed the BALUN to digital "F" screw type and cables are now flexible RG6 with compression plugs which cannot pull off and are the only plug type used by FOXTEL as they only use best for cable & satellite digital. So the T antenna is now even better.

The "T"  shaped Caravan TV antenna is our budget product & the DT8 caravan antenna is our Delux product, so you can choose which suits your budget. Well worth reading PDF "how good is this product" file in the DT8 product description page.

Our company mission was, and still is to sell our tv related Caravan accessories products through dealers Australia-wide therefore increasing the ability for customers to purchase these in their local area. This has been achieved with close to 100 dealers around Australia. If there is no local dealer we direct sell at no freight cost.

Another objective was to be innovative with design improvement and over the years we have developed bracket and mast design to the point where we have models to suit all types of RV vehicles. Our unique  Multi Fit Bracket & Mast allows simple & quick erection of antenna & for pop top vans no screws are needed as the built in caravan travel clamps are used.

Other products developed specifically to compliment and suit our wide band "T-bar" antenna is a "Thru-Van-Wall", a do it yourself system, and a "Booster/Amplifier", modified for use inside the van. One of these is included in the DT8 product box.

The addition of our DELUX  HW-DT8 'dual loop" patent designed digital HD antenna with it's ability to receive low strength signal with out need for booster in most locations.

Through product testing and customer contact over 21 years, Bob and Brad have gained a full technical awareness and are able to provide extensive consultation on individual customer requirements as well as being able to solve any problems that arise. We are happy to spend what time is required at no charge and we welcome phone calls on any technical requirement.

All our caravan tv antenna products are designed for simplicity of installation, speed to erect at the site and easy tuning to local transmitter. All models are designed to collect transmitted signal both horizontally and vertically. This is very important as some antenna sold in Australia can only tune to signal horizontally, causing large loss of signal in vertical areas.

A great tool available from 2009 is our range of hand held TV SIGNAL finders, a pre tuning tool to ensure better signal lock on.

Please read uor TECHNICAL FAQ'S section to understand TV reception Australia wide into DIGITAL era.


In a nutshell, we have got you covered for television coverage Australia-wide.     

We supply great products & we aim to help our customers at all times.  To quote Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, "A BRAND IS A SIMPLE THING, TRUST".  you can TRUST in our products & service.

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We are a proud trade member of the Caravan Camping Industries Association of SA