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We prefer you trade with local dealer (see DEALER section on FRONT PAGE & select from map & read header re country dealers) however, if you do not have a suitable local DEALER, or do not choose to deal with nominated dealer please use CONTACT FORM link below  for direct mail order as we therefore charge suggested retail & freight free, insured against loss or damage.   In some instances freight applies by negotiation.

Retail price list below

We do not have shopping cart as this would add to product cost and we prefer contact via phone or email to ensure you get right product and advice. We prefer to email an invoice for direct funds deposited into our bank or credit cards acceptable or PayPal.

Contact information

Use this form or you can send email which can be opened from bottom left side of this page. Also you can ring us on mobile 0412 125 983

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Trading time

Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
Saturday 9am to noon