Van Satellite

Happy Wanderer is the exclusive supplier for VANSAT in Adelaide, South Australia.

The Vansat system includes:

  • Crystal Clear DIGITAL TV Reception Across Australia
  • Internet Broadband to your Van (Optional Kit)
  • True 3 Minute Setup with our EASY 1-2-3 SYSTEM
  • 100's of TV Channels and Dozens of Radio Stations FREE
  • Basic TV Guide and Radio Guide  
  • Installation DVD (or Video) - Showing You VISUALLY how to Setup the VANSAT System
  • No Monthly or Annual Fees! (Excludes Internet)
  • Lightweight Materials for the Ladies
  • 78cm or 64cm Dish with Folding Arm for Convenient Storage
  • Strong & Durable Stainless Aluminium Tripod (Now with Intergrated Spirit Level)
  • The Very LATEST Equipment
  • Can Be Run in the Bush (Very low power consumption)
  • Compatible also with most Satellite Pay TV Services (Check permission with your provider first)
  • 12V DC Version available (Exclusive only to Vansat)
  • EVERYTHING SUPPLIED - Not another cent to spend!

For more information about Vansat please visit the Vansat website