Signal Finder & Booster

SIgnal Finder Booster

A true first, the EASY-TUNE is the only amplifier, that we know off, on the market with a built in signal finder.

The one unit allows one to:

  • Align the aerial PERFECTLY
  • Boost the TV/RADIO signal (variable boost control)
  • Visual get an indication of TV signal level

For use with all NON BOOSTED TV antenna's and roof mounter wind up antennas

Once the needed signal range is indicated tuning can take place

Unit is in line and stays in line

Can be screwed near van inside cable terminal or double sided tape does the job without

The EASY-TUNE is ideal way of getting extra boost that is needed with some brands of the new LED TV’s that tune at higher required signal & solves that issue.

The TV EASY TUNE signal finder & booster combined is ideal for additional boost to all ROOF WIND UP antenna & has been tested & installed over early 2017 & proves a cheaper alternative to manufacturers additional booster & has double the boosting capacity & can be slopped from 1 to 19 dUb extra gain.

The use of TV EASY TUNE products with roof wind up antenna is only new & full instruction on how to simply fit inside your caravan near the inside power unit has being developed & is below in video form or see under "downloads" to left of this for PDS hard copy instruction to compliment video. Also feel free to discuss how to fit and this application by phone call to Bob 0412 125 983, free call back.