Model HW023 - A Van


Suitable for the & T-Bar Antenna as well as DT8 but we prefer & reccomend HW026 Telescoping metal mast with A frame clamp for best result

Contents of pack:

  • Part A: 1 x tube clamp plate with 2 x 15mm zinc plated screws and snap caps
  • Part B: 1 x 90 degree bracket with tube coupling with 4 x 40mm zinc plated screws and snap caps
  • Part C: 1 x 1.5m and 1 x 1m plastic mast pole

Install the HW023 Antenna when the A Van is in the up position.

Step 1. Fit the bottom bracket - Part B.
Fit the bottom bracket to the side of the van that does not have the entry door. You may need to remove the air vent on the side of the van to locate the interior stud. See Figure 1. The bracket must be attached to this stud for added strength. Fix the bottom bracket using silicone sealant on the back of the bracket with the 4 screws supplied. Screws are long enough to pass through foam panel and into stud for strength. Four snap caps have been provided to conceal the screws. The bottom bracket should be installed so that the top of the 1.5 metre bottom pole is just above the roof line. See Figure 2.

Step 2 Fit the top bracket - Part A.
Making sure the pole is vertical, locate the position for the top tube bracket. Fit as close to the top of the aluminium section on the rooftop as possible to increase support for the antenna and avoid problems when closing the roof.

Step 3 Fit the Antenna
Fit antenna head to 2 masts first, the longer mast at the bottom and hold above your head and rotate to tune antenna for best picture. Then snap mast into top bracket tube clamp before fitting mast into bottom bracket. TO TAKE ANTENNA OFF, REMOVE FROM BOTTOM BRACKET THEN EASE OUT OF TOP TUBE CLAMP.

The head can swing from vertical to horizontal polarisation. It is most important that you find out local polarisation as a lot of signal is lost if it is not set right. For vertical signal no directional tuning is needed. Sometimes a good picture can be found by having the antenna head at an angle other than vertical or horizontal.

An extra 4 metres of co-axial cable is supplied to allow the option of going under the van to fit to the door side of the van. We have an optional part HW019-A ‘THRU-VAN-WALL’ system that works well with A-Vans.

Diagram & Information